Tell us why you’re supporting Tom and we’ll add your name to our growing list of supporters.

Tommy Meeks

Tom is the type of person that I really think is authentic. He really does care about people. He and I have had open discussions about some of the problems in our community. I really believe, from his family structure, that he is the type of person that can understand what families need. And, he’s the type of person that will try to get in there and fix problems that are affecting the citizens of Rockford. Watch it here -

Ian Linnabary

You have to have a degree of cognitive intelligence and emotional intelligence to be a really good leader, but you have to be likable. And Tom McNamara is undeniably likable. He’s somebody you want to spend time with, somebody you want to look to for answers to difficult questions. Watch it here -

Amy Henry

I am supporting Tom because I believe he is proud of Rockford for what it is. He sees what Rockford can be and he wants to do the work to get us all there. We need someone sees our potential, not just our problems.

Molly Fisher

I support Tom because he supports our community. He is accessible, compassionate and genuinely has the whole city's best interests at heart regardless of political affiliations.

Becky Lichty

In my opinion, Tom is a true leader who cares deeply for our city. He is approachable, honest, down to earth, and a delightful young man. Please help support him for our next Mayor.

Ed Dulian

Tom is an intelligent and talented candidate who sincerely wants to improve his city. I believe he will serve the citizens of Rockford well with the highest level of skill and effort.

Karyn Schwitters

Tom has the fairness, vision, and passion for Rockford that will help move us forward, bring jobs and new industry, continue to revitalize our downtown, and advocate for the populations that need it.

Jennifer Cacciapaglia

Because he keeps his word, and because he is the first Mayoral candidate in my lifetime to recognize a strategic plan is necessary to combat the Domestic Violence epidemic driving the violent crime rate in our community.

Skip Trotter

I must disclose that I am a registered Republican. I am voting for Tom because he has the people in his best interest. He is not being manipulated or supported by the few big donors. Tom is orchestrating a grassroots approach to his campaign. He is not telling us how to do it, but asking the constituents what needs to be done. I want a leader that is going to turn Rockford around based on our needs not what the special interests needs are. Bottom line is Tom is my guy in this election.

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A copy of our report is on file with the Winnebago County Clerk, 404 Elm St, Rockford, IL. Tom McNamara, Democratic Candidate for Rockford Mayor.

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